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About Us

Our Mission

To bring you the very best beads, pendants and jewelry-making supplies. Check out our selections, prices and quality on all your jewelry-making needs, including gemstone beads, Cultured Sea Glass, glass pearls, Tiaria crystal, base metal beads and more!

As a small family-founded, owned and operated internet business, our size grants us unprecedented flexibility in terms of service, new products and custom processing. With manufacturing contacts all over the world, we can spend quality time to get to know the entire production process. Check out our Chinese Crystal factory visit on Facebook! You get the power of a giant corporation with the convenience and intimacy of a family business.

Every customer counts and no question is too small. Our friendly sales department will help you with any task, no matter how large or small. If you have a special request, please don't hesitate to let us know. Nothing satisfies us more than a satisfied customer.

The ZnetShows Experience

Since 1995, as an online wholesale company, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for bead store owners and major designers to purchase beads so that you can quickly get back to the things you love doing: making, designing and selling!

After you sign up as a wholesale buyer, check out our new arrivals, Cultured Sea Glass, glass pearls, Tiaria crystal, and base metal beads. Our bead store customers always come back because we have so much readily available and in small units (as little as one 8 inch strand). Whenever possible, we focus on making our own custom productions for any product lines we carry. You will find thousands of ZnetShows exclusive and custom items on this site, specially designed, made and distributed by ZnetShows and our authorized distributors.

Most importantly, many customers are surprised to find out that we can offer some items at such a reasonable price. Instead of sacrificing quality in order to get the price point down, we use our direct relationships with the production centers and our own fully automated supply chain to cut overhead and pass on those savings to our customers.

Come on in and experience the ZnetShows way of buying beads and supply your business with the best selling items in the market.

Our Beliefs

While to some companies, the bottom line may be to profit, we believe that successful internet sales require something more.

We believe that:

Every customer has the potential to become a major distributor or designer. As such, we treat all customers as if they were big designers working on a special project with time and quality constraints. We try our hardest to provide fast, efficient and accurate packing and shipping times for everyone.

Businesses and vendors need to be treated differently than the general public. We know that owning your own business or selling your designs at trade shows is hard work -- we've been there. Thus, we are against the notion of selling to EVERYONE for the same price regardless of who they are. Instead, we use a wholesale registration system similar to those used in Washington, D.C. area gem shows. This system allows us to give great discounts to wholesale buyers who have proper documentation while still allowing the general public to purchase them at an already low retail price. There is no need for wholesale buyers to buy 10+ or 100+ of a certain item in order to qualify for quantity discount, so you don't need to plan months in advance in order to get the best deal.

Strong and close customer partnerships will benefit everyone. New product additions, website tools, custom processing ideas, trade show promotional gifts and fundraising ideas for ministries have been a few of the many great outcomes of these partnerships. Custom projects are always assigned to knowledgeable and responsible staff members capable of walking you through the entire process. It should not be a matter of what WE have to SELL, instead it should be what YOU want to BUY. Let us know if you don't see anything you like or can use. We'll make it worth your time.

Honesty and integrity foster long term benefits. We watched as the 'get-rich-quick' internet bubble collapsed around us. We continued to grow while the biggest online bookstore downsized. We understand the need for long term plans versus big one-time profits. Returning customers are like visiting family and are to be treated with great joy and fanfare. Returning retail customers get 10% off and wholesale customers rack up points towards higher discount categories. Our pricing policy also acknowledges this belief. Everything is very reasonably priced so you don't need to comparison shop, but if you find the exact same thing for less somewhere else, feel free to call our sales department and let us know.

Customer suggestions are valuable and should be taken seriously. Many customers suggest very important changes and additions to our current business. Originally, our wholesale minimum was $200.00 and did not change with categories. After numerous suggestions, later we decided to lower it to $100.00. In 2013, we further reduced this wholesale minimum to the current $50 to help even more. Customers also asked about faceted beads when we mainly focused on smooth beads. Today, we have hundreds (if not thousands) of faceted beads of all types, shapes and stones. After customer complaints against an unwieldy shopping cart system, we are endeavoring to make a faster, more convenient and safer shopping cart and checkout system. These examples give only a small glimpse of the impact customer suggestions have on our business, so feel free to let us know what you feel would be better. Who knows? Your suggestions may be the exact antidote to a current problem.