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kyanite  oval Beads <b>14x10mm</b>     per   <b> about 8-in-str</b>
kyanite oval Beads 14x10mm per about 8-in-str

kyanite oval Beads 14x10mm per about 8-in-str

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Kyanite .. Kyanite Beads Grade AB.. These Kyanite beads are made from African materials. The name Kyanite is derived from the Greek word Kyanos, which means blue. Blue kyanite is the most well-known variety in Kyanite family. These African Kyanite beads are with white iridescence and darker inclusions. Under the sun, kyanite has the shine of tigers eye, the translucence of quartz, and the patterns of smoky quartz. Such a combination of the most attractive attributes of so many different stones is rare in nature. And now we have brought this incredible stone to your fingertips. Please note that for this product group we use 8-inch unit due to popular requests from customers. Actual price is exactly half of the regular 16-inch price. We hope smaller units will help you to try more variety. Due to the qualities of natural stone itself, actual products may differ slightly from the products pictured. Please see the actual products in the order table below.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation. This is: kyanite oval Beads 14x10mm per about 8-in-str

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