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coffee jasper  diamond Beads <b>16x16mm</b>     per   <b> 8-in-str</b>
coffee jasper diamond Beads 16x16mm per 8-in-str

coffee jasper diamond Beads 16x16mm per 8-in-str

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Coffee Jasper .. Coffee Jasper Beads .. This stone gets its name Coffee Jasper due to its coffee color. Please note that Coffee Jasper is only a common name, not a scientific name. Besides its unique coffee color, these Coffee Jasper beads also have beautiful lace patterns. The classical coffee color with the beautiful lace patterns would make these Coffee Jasper beads popular in jewelry designs. We supply several popular shapes and sizes in this group. Please note that for this product group we use 8-inch unit due to popular requests from customers. Actual price is exactly half of the regular 16-inch price. We hope smaller units will help you to try more variety. Due to the qualities of natural stone itself, actual products may differ slightly from the products pictured. Please see the actual products in the order table below.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation. This is: coffee jasper diamond Beads 16x16mm per 8-in-str

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