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Other stone & material hemimorphite square puffed Beads <b>12mm</b>     per   <b> 15.5-in-str</b>
Other stone & material hemimorphite square puffed Beads 12mm per 15.5-in-str

Other stone & material hemimorphite square puffed Beads 12mm per 15.5-in-str

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Hemimorphite .. Hemimorphite Beads Group C ..These new hemimorphite beads are all hand-crafted from the high quality stone known as New Hemimorphite, which is one of the more common sorosilicates and China is its original place. Its polar or hemimorphic crystals are the most remarkable characteristic of the stone. In order to bring out the full natural beauty of these new hemimorphite beads, our experienced masters made these beads with utmost care in the step of manufacture. These new hemimorphite beads have not been dyed, but they are stabilized and heat-treated so as to increase their hardness and brightness. So each new hemimorphite bead has a glossy surface and charming color. All of these new hemimorphite beads are in a beautiful and clear compounded color, including blue-green, baby blue and creamwhite, and intermediate colors between these colors are also possible. This soft color is really fabulous for hot summer fashion. It is transparent to translucent and it is less than 5 on the Moh`s scale of hardness. There may be a few slight differences between each bead because of their completely natural characteristics.

We have several shapes and sizes commonly requested by customers for these beads. The suitable sizes and the various shapes of these new hemimorphite beads make them much nicer in the designing of any jewelry items, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings brooches etc. Whether you are an experienced beader or just starting out, you will surely love these special and glorious new hemimorphite beads with various shapes. Do remember to share these stylish new hemimorphite beads with your friends! Please see the actual pieces in the order table below and choose the shapes or sizes you want. For more shapes or sizes, please turn to our other groups of new hemimorphite beads or pendants in the same beads selections. Because New Hemimorphite is a natural substance, the actual products may vary slightly from the items pictured below.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation. For more information please click the ZnetDirect link below the Order Table. This is: Other stone & material hemimorphite square puffed Beads 12mm per 15.5-in-str

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