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Designer Corner

Here in the Designer Corner, ZnetShows features over 50 pieces from our team of 52 designers. Based across the U.S. with many years of experience, the ZnetShows Design Team specializes not only in jewelry, but other creative uses for ZnetShows products as well as other materials/media. Who knew that sea glass could make for such lovely fan pull adornments? Or that you can stylishly customize your tableware with sea glass?

With general themes in mind, such as 'Summer Days and Summer Nights', our designers allow their imaginations to take off in unique directions. Just some of the fantastic creations they come up with are featured in our seasonal Creative Spark e-magazines, which you can check out below. You can find highlights from Creative Spark on our ZnetShows Facebook and on our ZnetShows Twitter. Every issue of Creative Spark can be found listed on the sidebar of the ZnetShows Blog.

As you explore the Designer Corner, you'll notice that we have included listings of available ZnetShows products used in each piece for your convenience. This way, you can work on similar projects at home! For nuggets of inspiration and project ideas, check out ZnetShows on Pinterest. And for a detailed rundown of many of our products, stop by our ZnetShows YouTube channel.

Be sure to check out and follow our social media pages for even more inspiring pieces and tidbits!