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Bead Store Programs

ZnetShows Exclusive Custom Production Service

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In order to adapt to the evolving market, ZnetShows has been working hard to offer more practical and beneficial programs to our bead store customers. As most of our bead store customers know quite well, ZnetShows offers the best wholesale pricing and most complete selections for the following popular product lines:

Glass Pearls
Tiaria Chinese Crystal Glass
Cultured Sea Glass
Base Metal Components

Since 2013, we have been providing the following Special Net-30-60 offer (Net-Offer) to qualified store customers as a response to problems with traditional trunk shows, which may be packed with items that may not sell in your area, are too big or too small for your store and/or are too short-lived for your customers to fully appreciate the products. To remedy some of these problems, our Net-Offer allows you to choose all the products and have all applicable discounts are applied – you only have to pay 1/3 as a deposit upfront and have 30/60 days to pay off the 2nd/3rd payments respectively.

To qualify for this program, you must have a physical store and have placed at least 2-3 orders with us. A normal Net-30-60 order size costs between $500 and $1500. Once you qualify, you can place an order online for any items in your store that need to be restocked or try new items that you believe are best for your store. Prior to shipping, we require the first 1/3 deposit and a credit card on file for security. At this time, most of our physical bead stores are taking good advantage of this program and use it constantly. If you are interested in utilizing this new program to increase sales and expand your product lines, please contact us with the link above or just call: 1-800-808-1782

Bead Store Initial Merchandising Program (BSIMP)

If you are starting a new bead store or want to expand your bead store supplies with our unique product lines, such as Cultured Sea Glass and Tiaria Crystals, we have the perfect solution for you! Our Bead Store Initial Merchandising Program (BSIMP) includes a small sampling of over 1000 products for your new store. We will take 30% off of the already low wholesale price for all items including the non-discountable lines. U.S. customers will also get free UPS Ground shipping. International customers will get $100 shipping credit.

We understand that it’s not easy to venture into a new territory, and that’s why we are committed to helping you! A typical BSIMP order can range anywhere from $5000 – $10,000 and we will help you select only the best-selling items to test out the market you would like to cover. After this initial order, you will be placed into our highest Customer Discount Category, Platinum, for all future orders. You can order as little as $50 after this initial order. Don’t miss this great opportunity to open up a whole new world!

Our Big bottle display and the wall behind it. It took over 3 days to build and stock the booth, but it was worth it! 

Lucy, the mom of the family, with Bill at the booth. We were still not finished with all the set up (as you can see from the empty spots on the wall).

Close up of the bottle. We had a small pulley and screw driver handle to turn the bottle display. 

Lee, the owner of the company, showing customers some nice new designs. Many of these cultured sea glass designs came straight from his imagination. 

Rob helping some customers at the Tucson show. He's always popular with the ladies. Side note: we had beads stacked at least 6 inches deep along the entire booth. It doesn't look that deep, but we had to build a wooden wall around the entire table to prevent stuff from falling out. 

The 6 foot wall of cultured sea glass pendants. Each night was a scramble to write down all the items in need to restock and the next morning was another scramble to wolf down breakfast while stocking each peg again.

Our designers gave us some incredible jewelry to go on our display shelf. Almost everyone who pasted by couldn't resist touching the jewerly - it really elicited the smooth, warm feeling of the beach.