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lava dyed beige color round Beads <b>10mm</b>     per   <b> 8-in-str</b>

lava dyed beige color round Beads 10mm per 8-in-str

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Color Lava Beads .. Our new arrivals! Lava beads were first designed in jewelry in Italy in the 19th century. Lava materials are created from basalt which is a porous and very lightweight material created during a volcanic eruption. Natural Lava materials have bubbles and holes in them, which give the beads an interesting texture. Gray, brown and black are the three basic colors for the natural lava materials. Our colorful lava beads are made from natural lava materials, dyed with different bright colors and waxed. The multicolor hues and smooth surfaces are suitable for jewelry making. These color lava beads are available in green, red, blue, white, beige and other popular colors. Shapes include round, starfish, coin and etc. This is: lava dyed beige color round Beads 10mm per 8-in-str

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