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10mm Glass Pearls

Glass Pearls Wholesale, Our glass pearl beads are actually made from good quality glass base materials. Glass pearl is inspired by the natural pearls. They are made to imitate the color and luster of real pearls, but only at a fraction of the price. These pearlescent glass pearl round beads would be good items for jewelry designs. We supply 25 different bright colors and 6 sizes for these glass pearl round beads. Not many glass pearls wholesale companies carry such huge selections. Please see the actual products in the order table below.

We wholesale glass pearls. If you are interested in ordering in wholesale quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation.    

Product Code: BDS1620 Size: 10mm             

Please choose your order from the Order Table below the following picture.

10mm Glass Pearls
  • 10mm Glass Pearls

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Order Table: Display Images in Order Table    
Image Item Code Description Size Unit Retail Price Quantity Status
BDS1620-01 glass pearls round Beads 0 -white K0016   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-02 glass pearls round Beads 0 -butter color K0121   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-03 glass pearls round Beads 0 -baby pink K0165   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-04 glass pearls round Beads 0 -dusty pink K0237   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-05 glass pearls round Beads 0 -blue K0246   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-07 glass pearls round Beads 0 -dark gray K0301   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-08 glass pearls round Beads 0 -gray K0357   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-09 glass pearls round Beads 0 -copper K0373   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-12 glass pearls round Beads 0 -baby lime K0441   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-13 glass pearls round Beads 0 -pink K0502   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-14 glass pearls round Beads 0 -golden K0520   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-15 glass pearls round Beads 0 -sage K0551   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-18 glass pearls round Beads 0 -khaki K0689   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-21 glass pearls round Beads 0 -black K0808   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-22 glass pearls round Beads 0 -off white K0822   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-24 glass pearls round Beads 0 -dark purple K0995   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-25 glass pearls round Beads 0 -teal green K1182   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-27 glass pearls round Beads 0 Rosy Pink Color K1092   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-29 glass pearls round Beads 0 Light Tender Blue Color K0531   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-30 glass pearls round Beads 0 Light Vivid Green Color K0542   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
BDS1620-33 glass pearls round Beads 0 Autumn Green K0251   10mm  15.5-in-str  $2.00
In Stock
WARNING: These are retail prices. Click here to buy wholesale. (Can change later)  
*Our products are graded by the factories that produce them and these grades do not reflect any standardized grading scale.
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What customers are saying about us:
"After receiving my first Znetshows order, I have never been so happy in my life! I cannot sleep at night thinking of all the beautiful things I will create with the lovely beads! Thank you Znet!"
Andrea L  FL
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