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Sea Glass
Sea Glass Beads .. Ever wonder where those bottles of rum and gin went after they were smashed over the heads of pirates? Well, the shards were usually swept overboard by cabin boys where they would slowly make their way to the nearest shore to be pounded by the surf and sand. Decades or centuries later, people are still finding these smoothly polished shards all over the world.

After many failed attempts at finding large amounts of sea glass on the beach, we decided to manufacture our own cultured sea glass. Our sea glass beads are made to mimic the sand polishing action of hundreds of years of waves crashing ashore. Using a sped up process quite similar to the actual process, we cut and polish high density glass to a rough shape, then treat the beads with three different grits of sand-like polish in a tumbler. The entire process shortens from centuries to only two weeks. Plus you get very similar colors and shapes, something we found very hard to do when scouring miles of beach.

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Cultured Drille : P22
Cultured Drilled Sea Glass Concaved Small Square Pendant 
19x16mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : S19
Cultured Sea Glass Puffed Oval Beads 
varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : S27
Cultured Sea Glass Large and Small Starfish 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Po : P57
Cultured Sea Porcelain Pendants 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P49
Cultured Sea Glass Sand Dollar 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P09
Cultured Sea Glass Marquise Pendants 
About 48x19mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P37
Cultured Sea Glass Large Hypnotic Freeform Pendants 
About 48x28mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P30
Cultured Sea Glass Puffed Rectangle Pendants 
32x12mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P02
Cultured Sea Glass Earring Donut Pendants 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Drille : P16
Cultured Drilled Sea Glass Small Freeform Curved Pendant 
31x5mm per Varies
Popular 4x3mm C : S86
Popular 4x3mm Cultured Sea Glass Rondelle 
4x3mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P55
Cultured Sea Glass Feather Leaf Pendant 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : P56
Cultured Sea Glass Mini Leaf Pendants 
Varies per VariesWholesale Only
Designer Cultur : S87
Designer Cultured Sea Glass Clasp 
Varies per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : S45
Cultured Sea Glass Square Nugget Beads (Tucson Top Seller) 
About 18x17mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : S03
Cultured Sea Glass Round Beads 
4mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : S34
Cultured Sea Glass Teardrop Round Bead 
About 16x10mm per Varies
Cultured Sea Gl : BDS1926
Cultured Sea Glass Small Thin Pebble Spacers 
About 9x6mm per Varies
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What customers are saying about us:
Hi Lee Thank you for the samples of the bottle sea glass I sold out of all of the shells within one day! Also, I sold out of all of the old glory bracelets in 2 days! I have just placed another order (its a small order) for the sea glass and bracelets, but if they sell quickly I can always order more. Thanks again for the samples!
Sharon P  CT, USA
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