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Tiaria Glass Crystal 33-Royal Blue bling ball Beads <b>10mm</b>      per   <b> 2-pc-bag</b>

Tiaria Glass Crystal 33-Royal Blue bling ball Beads 10mm per 2-pc-bag

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Part Number:BDS1912-33
Chinese Crystal Rhinestone .. 10mm Bling Ball Beads .. New breathtakingly shiny and beautiful Chinese Crystal beads to your door! These sparkling ball beads are made of high grade Chinese crystal rhinestone. Our skillful craftsmen use glue to stick plentiful Chinese crystal rhinestones to the round clay cores with their delicate hands and each crystal shines charmingly wherever the light exists. The sparking crystal beads might remind you of the shinny stars in the quite night sky. Wonderful decorations for your jewelries! We supply various colors for this group of bling balls. Please see the actual products in the order table below.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation.

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