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Glass Pearls <b>6x4mm</b> Rice Wine Color K0294(15.5-in-str)   per <b>5-str-bag</b>

Glass Pearls 6x4mm Rice Wine Color K0294(15.5-in-str) per 5-str-bag

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Part Number:BDS1923-06FIVE
New and Unique: rice glass pearls .. newly introduced 6x4mm rice shape for our popular Glass Pearl selection! Our glass pearl beads are actually made from good quality glass base materials including recycled glass. Glass pearl is inspired by the natural pearls. They are made to imitate the color and luster of real pearls, but only at a fraction of the price. These pearlescent glass pearl rice beads would be good items for jewelry designs. We supply various bright colors for these glass pearl barrel beads. Please see the actual products in the order table below.

If you are interested in ordering in wholesale quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation. This is: Glass Pearls6x4mm Rice Wine Color K0294(15.5-in-str) per 5-str-bag

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