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Cultured Sea Glass sand dollar Pendants <b>about 21x19mm</b> 57 - Saffron Yellow per <b>6-pc-bag</b>

Cultured Sea Glass sand dollar Pendants about 21x19mm 57 - Saffron Yellow per 6-pc-bag

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Part Number:P49-B57S
Everyone loves sand dollars. We spent over a good nine months designing and developing this interesting item for our designers and customers. The front and back of the sand dollars look so real that you will be very surprised when you hold them in your hand. These cultured sea glass sand dollars are not only good for jewelry but also excellent items for collections. They come in two sizes, large for pendants and small for earrings. Again, we made them into our standard and popular cultured sea glass colors. This is: Cultured Sea Glass sand dollar Pendants 21x19mm 57 - Saffron Yellow earring size per 6-pc-bag

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