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Cultured Sea Glass ring Beads  <b>23mm</b> 01-Crystal chain   per  <b>5-pc-str</b>and

Cultured Sea Glass ring Beads 23mm 01-Crystal chain per 5-pc-strand

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Part Number:S55-B01SFIVE
Cultured Sea Glass Bottle-Neck Style Rings .. Sea glass bottle-neck style rings connect with 10mm jumper rings! Our sea glass beads are made to mimic sea glasswhich are bits of glass impacted by seawater and worn down by sand and surf for dozens of not hundreds of years. The resulting frosty polish make sea glass beads one of the most popular collector pieces out there. We now bring that smooth frostiness to your door. We connect these sea glass rings with base metal jump rings. Each chain is with 5 pieces of rings. You only need to add any of your charms and chains at both end to make your finished necklace.

If you are interested in ordering in wholesale quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us toll free 1-800-808-1782 for a free consultation. This is: Cultured Sea Glass ring Beads 23mm 01-Crystal chain per 5-pc-str

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